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2015 New Year fireworks show,where the pomp of New Year fireworks is the most beautiful?

Time:2014-12-06 17:51:00

        Peremptory has become  New Year fireworks show around the world welcome the New Year's must-have classic program, New Year fireworks party every fireworks are let the audience feel the joy of New Year and excited, for example, the attention of the world, Taipei 101 New Year fireworks show , dubai fireworks display, London's New Year's fireworks display, New Year's fireworks show, New York fireworks party, etc.
        As the New Year's footsteps approaching, the expected around 2015 New Year fireworks show will be cast on schedule, as a New Year gift.It is reported that this year's Taipei 101 New Year fireworks show will change romantic form before, this year the fireworks party will be combined with the name of Taiwan for the first time a communal, fireworks styles will add a lot of rich traditional festival fireworks, dubai's New Year fireworks party is also huge, palm Atlantis resort will host 'across the eve of the royal banquet', bright fireworks light the midnight sky, dinner guests from all over the world can not only appreciate the grand fireworks display will also enjoy a light show of the most visually stunning.Melbourne New Year fireworks party not to be outdone, the New Year fireworks show sites with a total of 21, ready to set off fireworks weighing 7.5 tons, at the appointed time, the entire night sky in Melbourne will be gorgeous matchless lit fireworks, any one corner can see the fireworks bloomed.Below we together to enjoy the beauty of the New Year's fireworks all over the world picture!

                                                                           Taipei 101 fireworks show

                                                   Fireworks show in New York

                                                   fireworks party in London

                                                   Dubai fireworks display

                                                            Fireworks show in Sydney

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