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"Joy without borders"jiangshan peninsula international joy season

Time:2012-08-30 9:30:00

  April 30 in the evening, 2012 jiangshan peninsula international joy season opening ceremony and beach concert was held grand in fangcheng port jiangshan peninsula whitecap beach scenic spot center plaza. My company by the organizer invitation entrusted, as this joy season opening ceremony fireworks set off task.
  The international joy season with joy without borders as the theme, the artists from all over the world let music as the medium, at the opening ceremony for Chinese and foreign guests all over transfer joy, star in mainland China southwest coast of circular structures on the stage, facing the beidu gulf singing, pieces of fireworks blooming in the flies, represents a passionate; Tens of thousands of viewers in do not set seat on the beach with song and dance, lifted ten thousand people chorus panic, cold fireworks fountain is like jumping in people's hearts joy flame ,more unique is that the concert stage and have no background plate, it will whitecap beach tourist service facilities complex as a background, with the sparkling lights out  whitecap beach set off the beauty of the night, with colorful fireworks opening night elegant veil.
  White waves beach is located in fangcheng port city jiangshan peninsula middle, away from fangcheng port about 7 km ,white waves beach long about 6 km, wide 1 to 3 km, was called China of Hawaii, China first large beach white waves Beach scenic center square of round stage outside Beach and coastline of interchange Department, sea days Isshiki of spectacular scene, magnificent of fireworks discharge, creatived novelty of choreography effect. Passion Rugose of Korea band, enthusiasm bold of Europe rock and South America Samba, plus super girl Ai Mengmeng and Tan Lina, Ai Ni of portrait singing, attracted tens of thousands of tourists Intoxicated on the beach, and accompanied by dancing to the rhythm of music, interpretation of mass revelry of spectacle.
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