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"Glorious journey" Nanjing post and teleommunication university

Time:2012-08-31 9:20:00

  The night of April 22, 2012, school building 70 Anniversary Gala celebration of Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications "glorious journey" was held in the big playground of the xianlin campus. My company delegated by the invitation of the organizers, and served as the Gala stage Fireworks display task.
  70 years of Chlamys farreri wind rain, glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn; 70 interactively endeavor, Fragrant Flowers. Opening countdown, a bloom of fireworks in the record VCR is rendered in front of the audience, in the South postal history, pictures one by one about South-mail historical changes. From 1942 Shandong War mail dry training class was built, to 1958 Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications was established, and to celebrate 2012 running 70 anniversary. The 70 years past, the South mail went through UPS and downs, continuing all the way forward.
Accompanied by a dazzling fireworks display, red flag in celebration of the 400 square meters over the audience roaring across, the 40 runs standard-bearer in the audience cheering in the banner of representative of the whole school faculties, associations from OTC into centre stage, in the party mail choir with frontline teachers and students Art Ensemble of song and dance in the era peer pulled the curtain.
  Then, cool Fireworks, fountains, flowers, silver tail in the style of the stage show, in the party, Allegro rap   group exit said Sung the south mail brilliant achievement of the glory belongs to us. Folk music of the fragrance of the jasmine, the Jockey Club and the deep-fried rice balls, then let everyone sometimes revel in bundles to taste in flower light and elegant jasmine, sometimes just like ride racing Gallop in the vast grasslands, sometimes with family members sat around the yard sharing the white moon.
  After the end of the show, school leaders came up to shake hands with cast and crew, and posted for pictures. This party has lasted more than two hours,song, dance, music, poetry, lighting, stage perfect fusion of the fireworks display. Aesthetic experience for viewers at the same time, but also showing the South mail students were vigorous vitality, highlight the cultural atmosphere of freedom, struggling in school.
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