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Nonyl Calvin years world Chinese native yan roots of the day

Time:2012-09-03 10:46:00

  On May 16, 2012, "Dragon heyday, Bliss Chinese"World Chinese Yan indemnities for the hometown roots Festival opened in suizhou, Hubei. My company invited and delegated by the organizers, assumed indemnities for years World Chinese Yan hometown roots Festival ceremony color smoke fireworks discharging tasks.
  Opening ceremony and indemnities for great year pay a formal visit of Emperor Yan grandsun is the root section of the most adventurous use of an activity as a whole, are of paramount importance. Ceremony ritual activities, cultural activities, color blend smoke discharge, with a total length of about 90 minutes.
  Links in the ritual activities, showcase achievements of yan's achievements of the eight phalanx appearance, lit the torch to link, there are four holding the torch symbolizes the four spirits of Yan Emperor Shennong, connotation of Yan di culture fully presented. Baizu ceremony, v-shaped colored smoke fireworks going up, for this passion came out in the root section! Art show links, the Kowloon and the Yan Tai song, Ode to the Yan Emperor, the yellow program, to expand around yandi, charm of Yan di culture to emerge.
World Chinese Yan indemnities for hometown roots Festival ceremony color smoke fireworks discharge fit roots Festival theme "Dragon heyday, Bliss Chinese".
  "Dragon heyday", highlighting this year as a "Dragon" features of the year, color smoke discharge to "Dragon"element as the primary, meaning in today's unprecedented prosperity in the great Motherland, the "Yellow Emperor", "descendants of the Dragon" more vigorous, filled with boundless pride, adhering to the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, across the ambitions of overtaking.
  "Bliss China", global Chinese hometown of copolymer yan, common ancestor worship, further enhancing the cohesion and solidarity of the Chinese people, for the people happier, more and more powerful, people flourish, sincerely pray and wish more peace in the world.
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