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Fujian MinHou olive day large literature evening party

Time:2012-09-04 8:55:00

  May 16, 2012, fujian MinHou held the 14th sea intersection MinHou promotion conference and the 10th olive section of large-scale literary party. Our company by the organizer invitation and delegation, especially undertook this evening party stage fireworks set off task.
  The 10th MinHou olive festival evening party MinHou by the county party committee county governments, took to the streets the new university each college assisted to youth ideal economic boom as the theme. This literature evening party on a grand scale, and the excellent cold fireworks throughout the evening party always. Famous singer passion deducting a batch MinHou reflect the local customs of the songs.
   As we have learned, this literature party participation number up to 10000 more than person, all in the fireworks backdrop is all smiles. To participate in special MinHou promotion conference leaders ,at all levels of the travelling trader at home and abroad guest ,new university universities students and local people, etc 10 quite a momentum square matrix. This promotion conference common implement project signing 46 items, covers automotive, electronic logistics ,electromechanical ,agricultural culture ,creativity food industries among them, foreign project contract signing 16, with a total investment of 572 million us dollars,the use of foreign capital 179 million dollars; Domestic project signing 30 items, the total investment capital is 8.249 billion RMB.
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