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Xinjiang:kuitun yunsen friendly fashion shopping center opening ceremony cultural show

Time:2012-09-05 16:28:00

  Modern shopping centre "in Xinjiang kuitun friendly fashion shopping mall" opened on April 29 grand all seats. 21:30 on that day, in the Saussurea kuitun Plaza held a fashion show. My company was invited and delegated by the organizers, and served as stage for the opening celebration Fireworks task.
"Dragon for 50 years, friendly and colorful split kuitun" kuitun friendly fashion Mall opened, and marked the friendship groups in Xinjiang in yili state again on this piece of land is about to compose a new brilliant, colorful fireworks blooming out friendly a new chapter.
  It is understood that friendship groups in Xinjiang kuitun friendly fashion shopping centre a total construction area of 57,000 square metres, a total investment of nearly 600 million dollars, from Japan ARTERIOR Japan-Asia recognized the top of business planning and design company "with bridge body "design. Interior decoration design is innovative and unique and peculiar. Brings together boutique department store, and friendly supermarket, and KFC, and gourmet beauty catering square, and anime, and theater, various industry State, advanced of shopping supporting facilities,being a large of SHOPPINGMALL", is kuitun first set shopping, and leisure, and supermarket, and catering, and theater, and culture, and Kang body, and business, multifunctional for one of a station type shopping center. Its internationalization, and professional sexual of fashion shopping concept for kuitun will bring new of commercial breath, and will leads new of lifestyle and consumption trend. Friendly group of this initiative will not only enhance consumer living, also absorb employed more than 2000 people, the increase in local government finance and taxation, improve the quality of life of the local people being an important role in promoting.
  This literature party stage was beautiful, very stylish and beautiful elements. Cool Fireworks bloom together with song and dance, deducted fashion classic. Finally, blossomed in the stage of fountain, leadership and cultural show performers was on the stage, Xinjiang kuitun friendly fashion shopping center opening ceremony fashion Gala every curtain call!
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