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Liuyang fireworks factory production of fireworks dragon is awarded a gold medal at a dragon dance

Time:2014-07-07 10:36:00

       Formed by shelf fireworks static dragon fireworks during the Spring Festival evening in the year of the fireworks show appeared in a lot of, so, have you seen dragon made dynamic dragon fireworks ?June 27-28, the two liuyang professional dance dragon and dance lion team to suzhou to participate in the national dragon dance performance and the 12th China folk literature and art prize dragon mountain flower selection  activities, fireworks dragon creative, in 2011 the fourth China (LiuYang) international music fireworks display competition and awards on display for the first time, glamorous, fireworks dragon that is green and beautiful, the fireworks party for many times, let fireworks dragon a more perfect expression,On June 27,the official start of the game at 9 PM, on behalf of hunan liuyang dragon and lion dance team in the competition, our company main fireworks technology, head of the whole in the dragons, the making of fireworks show in harmony with the dragon dance performance, and the performance of the players and liuyang fireworks in photograph reflect, presented the beautiful artistic effect, won the 'national dragon dance performance,' the only gold medal finally.
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