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Fireworks show of The closing ceremony 2014 Brazil's World Cup

Time:2014-07-17 15:49:00

        The attention of the world's 2014 World Cup in Brazil in July 13 local time, under the sunset after the closing ceremony, held the dazzling fireworks lit up the whole party over the maracana stadium, the closing ceremony of the World Cup fireworks show in setting off fireworks display shell of more than 20000 rounds, use a cakes of pyrotechnics and  fireworks display single effects are let a person shine at the moment, the fireworks as the product of joy, in each big media reports, the fireworks party also together with the World Cup, unveiled when Brazil won the war, for example, fireworks show to celebrate the Brazilian people; When the Algerian team to qualify, for example, Algiers, people also held a grand fireworks display the party celebrated, such as Argentina to congratulate the team success, domestic fans fireworks in the obelisk of Buenos Aires square, said support for Argentina,It is understood that the World Cup at the closing ceremony setting off fireworks in the fireworks party introduced from liuyang, and fireworks in the World Cup and Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are must be one of the activities, let us together look forward to four years later, Russia's World Cup.
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